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Hey there, I'm Fell, but you can call me Broad if you like! I am a traditional artist as well a beginner in photography. I use a Canon EOS REBEL T3 for my photography, and my favorite medium in art is ink.
I currently own five birds: four zebra finches and one green cheek conure. I love birds and fantasy, and I am also a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth. I'm also a fan of Loki and the actor Tom Hiddleston. I am interested in falconry and am currently a pre-apprentice falconer. I'm also addicted to Greek yogurt.
I collect taxidermy, too. All of my taxidermy items are posted on another account. My taxidermy collection account is Antlertine.
Feel free to ask me any questions about my birds, art, photography, etc.! I love to chat and meet new people; I don't bite! ;P

Artists that I admire: windfalcon, Plaguedog, Quelchii, MellorianJ
Artists that help/have helped me improve my art: wasiak1994, Red-IzaK, Quelchii

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Does anything know what happened to the Webcam option? Like, where you put in the link for a gif, and it pops up...? Did they remove those? I thought they were fun. I just noticed that mine was gone.
Man, dA is really starting to go downhill.
Also, have you noticed the new symbol looks an awful lot like the inequality sign?
I left school really, really early to take Tucker to an Avian veterinarian. I expected to be back at school within a couple hours, but it lasted a little over three hours. They did a test on Tucker to see if he had any bacteria or yeast on his skin, and it turns out he has a small skin infection. I have to give him medicine through a syringe twice a day. But that's not all; he may be plucking because of a hormonal thing, and has to have three shots. He had his first one today, and has to go back in two weeks to get his second. Two weeks later, he gets his third, and then he's done with his shots. The vet also did some blood work to see if he may have liver disease or something wrong with his GI tract, which could cause irritation, causing him to pluck his feathers.
I'm really hoping the test will come back negative. I have to give him his medicine in about thirty minutes. Wish us luck!

Tucker's blood work results came back negative for anything wrong inside! No liver disease, nothing. He's going to continue with his lupron shots (his hormone therapy) and his sulfatrim (medicine that I give him twice a day). I have to keep giving him his sulfatrim for two weeks, until his next appointment. After that we'll go from there. He has to go back either two or three times (I want to say three) to get his shots. They're all within two weeks of each other. I think his sulfatrim is beginning to help with the bacteria irritation on his skin; he's not flipping his wings in agitation as much. He's still itching, but I think that's from creating nasty habits. Thanks everyone for the get well wishes and thoughts! Tucker really appreciates it! :D
Turns out that Tucker's source of bleeding wasn't a blood feather; it's happening again, but in a different area, and it seems to be worse this time. He keeps picking at the area and currently I'm snapping at him to stop. He's picking at all of his feathers but it's his left wing that's the worst. There's blood under his wing around the primaries, secondaries, you name it. There are also some bald spots around the wing. He's dropped a few feathers recently, too. I don't know if he's overgrooming or plucking because I'm gone at school and he's upset about it or what. But now he's extremely irritated and keeps picking at the area, making it worse. I'm planning on getting him to the vet on Thursday (I don't think they're open tomorrow). I have a horrible suspicion of conure bleeding syndrome.
HELP!!! by Broadwinger
Attention all bird nerds and parronts:
Tucker has been bleeding again but in a different area this time. And, it's worse. Blood under his wing, on top of his wing, and even bald spots around the area. My own ideas for the causes are: feather mites, skin infection, or conure bleeding syndrome. Please help me with figuring out what is wrong with my buddy!
The Dartmonster by Broadwinger
The Dartmonster
Dart, a Harris hawk used for falconry, mantling over his kill, a wood rat.

Photography (c) Broadwinger

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