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I love Zebra Finches by WishmasterAlchemistI love Green-cheeked Conures by WishmasterAlchemistCanon Stamp by PawkeetTolkien by Claire-stampsTop Gear Fans by Tawreh

Hey there, I'm Fell--but you can call me Broad if you like! I am a traditional artist as well a beginner in photography. I use a Canon EOS REBEL T3 for my photography, and my favorite medium in art is ink.
I currently own five birds: four zebra finches and one green cheek conure. I love birds and fantasy, and I am also a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth. I am interested in falconry and am currently a pre-apprentice falconer. I like to hunt with a few of my falconer friends and their raptors, especially rabbit hunting.
My favorite birds of prey are the buteos--red-tail hawks, red-shouldered hawks, Harris hawks, and the likes.

Falconry Stamp by Parabuteo78I love Harris Hawks by WishmasterAlchemistI love Aplomado Falcons by WishmasterAlchemistI love Red-tailed Hawks by WishmasterAlchemistI love Red-shouldered Hawks by WishmasterAlchemist
I have been tagged by Aurora8911 !

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

 Chosen OC's name: Clockwork
Infamous by Broadwinger
Lol I haven't drawn Clocky in a long time... I really need to draw him again. XD
1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
I'm in my early thirties (human years).

3) Do you want a hug?
Try and you die.

4) Do you have any bad habits?
My mate says I have a bad habit of over-preening my feathers.

5) What is your favorite food?
Humans. Actually it's venison.

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
What is this "iced cream" you speak of?

7) Are you good-looking?
Oh yes, of course I am!

8) Have you killed anyone?
I'm an evil lord-to-be. Of course I have.

9) Do you hate anyone?

10) Do you have any secrets?
Hmm, that's a good question. Actually, I do. And I do not plan on telling anyone. It's quite embarrassing...

11) What is your favorite season?
The summer.

12) Who are your best friends?
I don't have any--er, wait, my mate, Mageia, of course.

13) What are your hobbies?
Battle practice, creating new torturing devices; the usual.

14) Have you ever cross-dressed?

15) When is your birthday?
I have forgotten...

16) What age did you die?
... Mid-thirties.

17) Are you nice or mean?
I am considered "evil", but is there really any good or evil in the world?

18) What do you think of your creator?
She is my overlord.

19) What is your weakness?
... Love.

20) How long can you stay under water?
That depends. I hate swimming; the water drags at my feathers and sucks me down. So I guess I could stay under water until I die.

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Make sure my army is doing as planned, and making sure my general is doing his job.

22) Do you love someone?
Of course--Mageia.

23) Does that person love you back?
Yes! Well, I think she does.

24) Do you like the person you stole this meme from?
Who, Amanda? Of course; she draws me!

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?
I have no clue.

26) At night?

27) What sort of physique do you have?
I have a lithe but fluffy build. That's what my creator says anyway.

28) Do you like your body?

29) What mood are you in?
Blood lust.

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your crush for 2 days straight. What would you do?
That would be awkward. I would end up going crazy.

31) Wow, really?

32) What is your place of origin?
My family originated in IceLock Kingdom but I was born in Malcadh Kingdom.

33) Large or small family?
The Skaarsgard bloodline is really long... it's a very large family and it is hard to keep up with it.

34) What's the origin of your name?
My first name was "Sarche", meaning "useless" in old Iszian. My father named me that after my mother died giving birth to me. Then I ran away and another old gryphon adopted me and saw how good I was at building and inventing things. I renamed myself "Clockwork".

35) Do you have a phobia?
.... Um, spiders.

36) Piercing/tattoos?

39) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?
Yeah: "Why did you make my life so miserable?!"

41) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time?
Tease her--er, them--by saying how their death would be and then end up killing them near the end of the day.

42) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
Nothing "funny" has ever happened to me.

43) Have a weapon of choice? 
A scythe.

44) Do you get along with any other OC's your creator has made? 
Mageia and my general, Straloch.

45) What do you like most about your crush?
You mean my mate? She has a very good physique, and she's sensitive to me.

46) Do you think anyone has a crush on you?
I thought someone had a crush on me, and it ended up in a disaster...

47) What is, in your eyes, the best characteristic about yourself?
I am a powerful sorcerer.

48) Anything else you'd like to say to these people?

49) Well, that's about it for now I guess


50) What would you do if you met your creator?
I have no clue. She would probably tease me about my life.

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cricketumpire 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer

Thanks for faving "Oh dear..."  :+fav:   I must apologise for the title. As everyone will know the animal is a 'deer' but along with the accompanying quote, the more remorseful 'Oh dear' seemed appropriate! I must try to restrain my (poor) sense of humour! :confused:   Your interest is appreciated as always Fell    :huggle:

cricketumpire 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer

You’ll have to wait for the pink hint of a tint to mature on "I'm not pink - yet!"
but thanks so much for faving it in the meantime! 
                                                             So glad you liked it Feel  :iconflamingoplz: 

Zaroque Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the favourite bby
Thanks for the :+devwatch: and the :+fav:s sprry about the late reply Fell :(..
MonstersWonderland Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav! :)
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